New Sports Academy Takes Shape

The finishing touches are being made to a state-of-the-art sports complex at Stoke on Trent College, Cauldon Campus.

Once a former council depot, the site at the Cauldon Campus is being transformed into an indoor sports hall by Aspect Construction, complete with fitness suite and aerobics facilities which is set to open to the public and college students in September.

The beginning of July saw the final sections of the roof being put in place on the building, which marks a £4m investment in the Cauldon site, and forms part of a series of projects being carried out by the College to improve and enhance both its campuses at Cauldon and Burslem with works being carried out by Aspect Construction.

College Principal Sarah Robinson said: “These new facilities will allow us to offer a greatly enhanced sports experience to both our students and to the public, set in such an ideal location neighbouring historic Hanley Park.

“We will now be able to offer a far wider range of sports and outdoor education programmes, and we are delighted with the work Aspect Construction has carried out – often in some very challenging weather conditions!

Wesley Allmark, Construction Director at Aspect Construction, said: “The construction of the new Sports Academy at Stoke on Trent College has been a great success, and the completion of the building envelope was finalised at the beginning of July when the last photovoltaic panel was placed.  The scheme has not only delivered an excellent sports facility with sustainable innovation that includes recycled material from the existing structure being used to form the foundations of the new building, but it has also provided a platform for Aspect to support the College in the creation of new apprenticeship opportunities. The Aspect Future Skills scheme was delivered last month and delivered six new apprentice placements.

Overall the development will enhance the City’s University Quarter (UniQ) offer which covers the whole of the area from the new Sixth Form College through the existing University buildings to Stoke on Trent College and on into the city centre, taking in both Cauldon and Burslem Campuses.

Aspect Construction are extremely pleased to be part of this transformation and have enjoyed working closely with the College for the duration of the project in both construction and student development.

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