Students Learn About Site Safety With Ivor Goodsite

Students at Mount Pleasant School, Shropshire recently received a visit from site safety advocate, Ivor Goodsite, to learn about the dangers of playing on or near construction sites, as well as encourage them to consider a career in construction.

The visit was arranged by Aspect Construction, who are currently building a classroom extension for the school. Site Manager Andy Hough had the star role, playing the part of Ivor and was supported by Operations Director Graham Murphy & Site Manager Steve Begley

After an initial assembly where the children got to meet Ivor and learn a little about the dangers of construction sites and the importance of site safety they were split into groups to get some practical experience laying bricks and discovering how the structure and shape of a building can give it strength.

Using a variety of everyday materials as well as some more unconventional items such as spaghetti, cocktail sticks, jelly beans, straws and tape the children, with the help of Graham, Steve & Ivor, spent the afternoon learning how to construct walls, towers, bridges, and tall structures.

Deputy Head Alison Benge, who supported the initiative, said:

“The children and staff had a fantastic day and learned lots about construction. We extend our thanks to Aspect Construction and Ivor Goodsite for their fun and informative day.” 

Aspect Construction’s Operations Director, Graham Murphy said:

“Health and Safety is our number one priority at Aspect Construction. Working at a school near children,  it is important for us that they appreciate and respect the rules that are there to keep them safe. Inspiring youngsters to become the next generation of construction professionals will help to keep fresh talent coming into the industry for years to come.”

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