Eliminating Waste


A key priority of our approach is eliminating waste. Our drive to divert non-hazardous construction waste from landfill is part of an overarching strategy in waste reduction. We are continually learning and developing our on-site processes to identify cost effective, innovative and practical solutions to minimise the production of waste, thus reducing the overall cost of waste disposal for our customers.

To achieve this we will continue to:

  • Work collaboratively with our supply chain to obtain a more accurate understanding of the true cost of waste (design, material procurement and disposal) and develop new ways of working to drive waste reduction and improve efficiency
  • Improve waste reporting/measurement through the use of our bespoke Site Waste Management Plan, tailored to Environmental Assessment Methods and customer requirements
  • Identify and effectively communicate best practice across all of our projects to help improve efficiency, sharing our learnings with peers and the wider industry (e.g. proud committee members of Constructing Excellence)
  • Challenge our detailed supplier questionnaire, preferred supplier agreements and sub contractor orders to encourage better and more efficient ways to manage waste. We continue to utilise the online WRAP tools and encourage awareness of their halving waste to landfill campaign

2014 Achievements

  • 98% non-hazardous construction waste diverted from landfill
  • Launch of a bespoke Site Waste Management Plan across construction projects
  • Introduced and improved Project Environmental Plan which will support us in achieving our environmental targets and objectives
  • Introduced collaboration with local social enterprises organisations


  • Roll out new SWMP and Project Environmental Plans across all sites
  • Continued commitment to zero non-hazardous waste to landfill
  • 10% reduction in waste spend per annum