Reducing Climate Change


We work with our customers and partners to identify new technology and techniques for low carbon construction, and we are committed to reducing carbon emissions across our site and within our operations. We are also committed to measuring our carbon emissions in 2012 and aim to deliver a reduction of carbon emissions by 10% year on year. To achieve this reduction, we will continue to focus on:

  • Reducing energy usage from sites and offices
  • Making our business travel green
  • Reporting on our Performance- we are currently improving our carbon performance indicators and are reviewing the implementation of a carbon calculator
  • Carry out Ska Assessments on all refurbishment projects, utilising our in-house assessors

2014 Achievements

  • Reduction in carbon emissions per £M turnover
  • Reduced travel emissions
  • All of our sites are registered with the Considerate Contractor Scheme
  • Eco-site accommodation has been used on some projects
  • New Project Environmental Plan that incorporates BREEAM credits
  • Increased number of projects achieved BREEAM rating


  • Achieve a 10% year on year reduction in carbon emissions
  • Reduce spend on fuel, energy and waste by 10% in 2012
  • Bring Added Value to refurbishment projects by achieving Ska Rating